Shop ‘Til You Drop With After Christmas Sales with Black Friday Prices

By: Dannie Phan | December 21, 2019

Come the holiday season, everyone is looking to secure the best sale on the holiday gifts they want to bring home to their families. Retailers know this. That’s why prices drop and hours grow longer as December creeps forward into New Years.

Are After Christmas Sales as Good As Black Friday?

Outside of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you might not think the sales are worth entertaining. That is, at least not until the day after Christmas.

Day-After sales see the expensive electronics, gadgets, toys, home appliances and other potential gifts your family wanted plummet in price. And yet, tradition keeps many shoppers from saving their holiday shopping for this more-affordable day.

This year may be the year to buck that tradition. If you’re looking to save money – even more so than you would while shopping on Black Friday – then December 26th and 27th may be the best shopping days for you.

Day-After Expectations

You’re not going to be the only person out and about on post-holiday. Not only do most retailers offer discounts during this block of time, but they also offer exchanges. Anyone who wasn’t satisfied with the presents they received will be at the store, looking for an adequate replacement. Shoppers may also be spending their gift cards on already-discounted items, making those purchases all the sweeter. In short, expect a crowd.

That said, you probably won’t have to deal with crowds that are as voracious as the ones that appear on Black Friday. Black Friday deals get a lot of hype – it represents the official start of the holiday season and the first chance many shoppers have to get their presents lined up. As a result of that hype and tradition, the crowds of shoppers are both larger in number and almost frightening in their enthusiasm.

Comparatively, shoppers arriving at retail stores in the days after Christmas will still have the remains of the holiday’s glow on them. That is to say, there won’t be a need for them to rush about to get a deal. While the shoppers may be many, then, the haste that Black Friday is notorious for will be notably absent.

The deals after Christmas are also usually better than the ones that are advertised on Black Friday. Why? Because most retailers mark down their products to clean out their inventory before the year comes to an end.

What to Buy After Christmas

It’s worth noting that the day after Christmas isn’t a guaranteed sales day for everything you might be looking for. Seasonal items like Christmas trees and holiday decorations will go the fastest and for the least amount of money. Any holiday-related goodies you might want will be available for steeply discounted rates, as retailers need to clear out their stores as quickly as possible. You’ll also likely find deals on winter apparel as retailers begin to shift their attention toward Valentine’s Day and spring.

You should also expect to find the older models of game systems, electronics and home appliances discounted. The newer versions may still cost a pretty penny, but if you’re willing to compromise, you’ll find you can bring home an equivalent appliance for half the cost.

Where to Buy After Christmas

As mentioned, you’ll likely find all manner of discounts and details at just about every major retail store open in the days after Christmas. Some of the ones most likely to slash their prices include:

Amazon is also likely to have a few deals to spare. That said, you shouldn’t expect the whole of the site to make its discounts available. Instead, look for third-party merchants interested in clearing out their inventories to find the best deals through the retailer.

Shopping Tips and Tricks for After-Christmas Sales

So you have locations, and you have your shopping goals. How can you make the most of the day after Christmas? Keep some of the following tips and tricks in mind to see the greatest success:

  • Bring your coupons – It might seem silly to bring coupons with you when so many retailers are already discounting their items. If you want to get ahead of the game, though, take advantage of the catalogs retailers send out. Combine your coupons with their pre-existing deals to save as much money as you can.
  • Shop ahead – Does anyone in your family have a January birthday? Do you want to buy your sweetheart something for Valentine’s Day? Then take advantage of post-Christmas sales to get your shopping done ahead of time. You’ll need to think ahead, of course, but the savings are more than worth the effort.
  • Go thrifting – At the end of the year, many families will donate their unused items to thrift stores for tax reasons – or simply to clear out their homes. If you want to make treasure of another person’s old things, then head to your local thrift stores after the rush of Christmas. You’ll find items new and old that will happily fit in your home.
  • Grab the non-perishables – Don’t let Christmas packaging keep you from bringing home the treats you love. If you’re after chocolate, cereal, nuts or other holiday treats, grab them while you can. The packaging is the only thing that’s gone out of date on non-perishables at your local retailer!
  • Craft ‘til you drop – If you tend to make your own Christmas gifts, the post-Christmas sales are made for you. You’ll have a chance to restock on all the materials you used over the holidays at half the cost.

The post-Christmas sales aren’t like Black Friday sales. In many ways, they’re better. This year, don’t let the deep discount sales go to waste. Buck tradition and spend the days after Christmas bringing home the gifts your family will love at a fraction of the cost.

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