Where to sell or exchange your leftover gift cards

By: Dannie Phan | November 2, 2019

Gift Cards are prepaid cards that are usually issued by a retailer like WalmartAmazon, or Bestbuy. They are an alternative to cash and credit cards for purchases within a particular store or related business. 

Whether its gifts from the holiday season, a birthday, a baby shower, or even graduation, many of us will receive new gift vouchers in our lives. You might have a small remaining balance, or the card could be from a store that you never intend going to. Maybe you're kicking caffeine out of your diet and no longer want to have that Starbucks card in your wallet as a temptation. Unless you've received a Paypal gift card or a Visa prepaid card, you won't be able to use the card with different retailers. 

Should I get rid of unwanted gift cards?

Approximately $1 billion in gift cards go unused every year! There are a handful of gift card exchanges and marketplaces that you can leverage to sell your unused gift cards. The payouts will vary from each based on fees and brand popularity, but it's better to sell or trade your card at a small loss than to have them sitting on the shelf. 

Where can I sell my gift cards?

With CardCash, you can choose to sell or trade your unwanted cards. If you were to swap gift cards, you could get 14% more for your card, but if you need cash immediately, CardCash will make instant offers for your cards.

If you have a unique gift card, ClipKard will take almost any card on the market. You need to state some necessary gift card information, such as the remaining gift card balance and retail brand.

While some people can sell cards on Craigslist and eBay, these marketplaces can be slow and sometimes riddled with scammers. 

What are popular gift cards?

Amazon gift cards and big-box retailers like Target or Walmart tend to hold the value of the card better than specialized stores. 

How to sell gift cards fast?

Cardpool gets users upwards of 92% cash back. They also have physical locations with kiosks or cashiers that can handle the exchange. Target at the electronics department, a self-service kiosk at a Kroger grocery store, and Check into Cash are some of the local locations available in my area.

If you're looking for quick cash, there are Coinstar Exchange Kiosks in many grocery stores around the nation. Find a local kiosk to trade in your cards for egifts or cash.

Are egifts better than physical cards?

Online gift cards or egifts can stay in your phone's digital wallet, or you can print them with the code and PIN. The value of the gift remains the same, but some people prefer the physical act of giving and receiving a gift, so for an extra cost, some gift card brands will charge extra for the card format.

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